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Are you looking for the best erotic massage in Barcelona? Are you looking for the best girls to discover the hidden pleasures you´ve never imagined? Here we offer a selection of the best tantric masseuses of all the city of Barcelona. Thanks to our girls you can enjoy as you´ve never done before. Your bodies will merge into one in a dance of seduction and joy.

In eMasajesBarcelona we offer our customers a catalog of the most exciting erotic massage city of Barcelona.

We chose carefully, lovingly and very professionally each member of our team massage center, to offer only the best experts on Tantra city. eMasajes is not a massage center offer any luxury company to provide only the highest quality services. Our premise is to provide a service where professionalism prevails and the good work. Each of our girls and boys receive specific training in the art of Tantra. In addition to being selected for their knowledge and obviously for its sensuality and eroticism, our specialists are unique … if you do not believe what you just have to stop by any of our locations and enjoy a unique relaxing massage in the city of Barcelona.

About Us

The best erotic massage in Barcelona

eMasajes Barcelona is a center of relaxing massage and tantric massage consists of a select group of erotic massage experienced and knowledgeable of the philosophies of the East. All of our massage therapists seek to share the pleasure of tantric massage with customers who dare to find it in your hands. Our girls are looking for offer sexual pleasure through their bodies rubbing and the dissemination of the ancient techniques of Tantric pleasure is the most precious thing that we have.

Thanks to the expertise of our erotic massage techniques and Eastern Tantric massage allows us to connect and unite in one body to massage you, and getting to enjoy sensations you’ve never experienced. We want to spread this great sexual energy with you as a tool for a personal transformation and a set of sexual techniques releasing stress and disconnection.

The pleasure of erotic massage directs sexual energy into a relaxation and pleasure that will accompany you.

eMasajes Barcelona is a sensuous massage center where customers can find everything they crave. There is sensuality, elegance and intimacy in a center of elite and our massage intoxicates you. eMasajes is primarily a space of pleasure reigns poise and professionalism, good taste and wisdom by Tantra.

Our erotic services let you ask the most ardent dreams in the most suitable environment for the enjoyment.

Erotic Masseuses

Why choose eMasajesBarcelona?


eMasajes is a group of centers based in Barcelona, Girona and Madrid. We have extensive experience in the world of tantric massage. We are not a relaxation center or we do sex, our services are exciting high quality massage you will not find in any of the centers are located in Barcelona.

Here escorts do not work, our masseuses are professionals in the art of massage training, studies and extensive experience in the sector. If you’re looking to spend a unique and different rewards while where pleasure and sensuality in a quiet, unique and elitist atmosphere then eMasajes is your center serving Tantra.

    • One of the most relaxing erotic massages that we have. It focuses mainly on the muscle. In this massage techniques is applied acupressure and the breathing is controlled to reduce stress, remove aches and spasms. But you must not be misleading, because it does not mean that is not very erotic, it is. It is a totally erotic massage where the whole body is treated from the feet, through legs, genital area, trunk and head up.
    • It is paid special attention to tensions and a relaxing and healing massage ideal for athletes
    • It is given on a futon or bed

    • is a tantric massage where you can get a great pleasure throughout the body with emphasis on the most delicate and erotic zones. The massage works with the body although the predominant handedness. This erotic massage is the simplest of our massages and has the peculiarity that allows no interaction with our masseuses. If you’re doubtful, the ideal is to see the world and get started with Tantric massage.
    • It is given on a futon.
    • It is made ​​with a whole body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head using pressure and friction.
    • Just as the rest of erotic massages in eMassages Barcelona we try to improve the sensation applying the aromatic essential oils, so you will notice waves of pleasure for all your senses.

    • An erotic massage where you can enjoy with your whole body. This type of sexual massage is done with all the body parts and a greater emphasis on the most delicate and erotic zones.  The pleasure that can be experienced with this massage is different from the rest because it has the distinction of being the first massage where interaction is allowed with our erotic masseuses.
    • This massage is performed with sensual movements of traditional Thai massage, accompanied by pressure and friction with the whole body massage.
    • It is applied and aromatic essential oils, so you will notice waves of pleasure for all your senses.
    • It is given on a futon.
    • t is made ​​with a whole body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

    • The massage is done with the whole body and also includes an erotic shower with our masseuse. Occurs throughout the body with emphasis on the most erogenous and sensitive areas.
    • It is made ​​with a whole body, pressure and friction. If you want you can do a prostate massage and a combination of all existing techniques.
    • The use and combination of all of the existing techniques and the full involvement of our masseuses to achieve the absolute maximum climax.

    • Are you looking for enjoying a sensual pleasure without limits with your family? Have you got a special friend or an open relationship where you like to take pleasure in the company? We put all the facilities.
    • It is received in futon .
    • You can enjoy the pleasure of a simultaneous massage with the person you want, in a long and pleasurable massage session.
    • Enjoy the best way to honor a relationship and present a bit of pleasure without limits, full of shared feelings.

    • Want to live different sensationsø do not stay without trying this unique erotic experience with massage hands four hands can probe silk two professional masseurs who will take you to relaxation and pleasure the two will visit every corner of your body¨ focusing on your parts most erogenous. Try it and you will not regret.
    • Massage 45 minutes: 200 €
    • Massage 60 minutes: 250 €




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